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This week’s special guest on the Hope Matrix is Tarun Galagali. Tarun is a Mental Health Advocate and the Director of Business Strategy & Operations at Talkspace. He is currently heading the Talkspace and Hopeful Cities initiative in Reno, which is providing free, unlimited messaging therapy to all Reno residents.

Talkspace was founded eight years ago with the goal to provide more people with convenient access to licensed therapists around the clock. Talkspace works with a user’s schedule (and social distancing procedures) by providing users with unlimited access to therapists via text message, audio message, and online text-based chat room. The Talkspace App also provides additional therapy, mental health, and wellness resources for users. 

In this week’s episode, Tarun and Kathryn discuss the resources offered at Talkspace, and analyze the negative reputation sometimes associated with therapy. Tarun and Kathryn open up about their own mental health journeys, and reveal the benefits that you can gain from having a therapist at your disposal.  

For more information about Talkspace and the Hopeful Cities campaign, visit and If you are an employer or city official interested in providing Talkspace services for your employees or residents, visit or contact Tarun at

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