The Hope Matrix


Join host Kathryn Goetzke for an inspiring conversation with Damian Wąsowicz, the incredible author behind “The Bicycle Test: Finding Belief, Purpose, and Hope after a Traumatic Brain Injury.”


In this deeply moving episode, Damian courageously shares his journey of navigating life after a traumatic brain injury, shedding light on the challenges of rebuilding shattered dreams and reclaiming a sense of self. Through the power of storytelling, Damian unveils the unexpected gift that emerged from his darkest hour: writing. 


As Kathryn and Damian delve into the emotional depths of his experience, listeners are invited to witness the profound interplay between trauma, resilience, and the enduring spark of hope. Damian’s candid reflections serve as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that even in our most trying moments, hope keeps us moving forward.


You can find Damian’s book here: