The Hope Matrix


On this week’s episode of the Hope Matrix, our host Kathryn Goetzke meets with Craig Kramer and Katharine and Peter Lee-Kramer to explore the importance of hope and hope skills within a family dynamic. Craig Kramer currently serves as the Mental Health Ambassador, and Chair of the Global Campaign on Mental Health, for Johnson and Johnson. He has traveled the world in pursuit of mental health advocacy, programming, and the continued expansion of initiatives focused on spaces that address mental health. Peter, Craig’s son, is currently attending the Doctor of Psychology program at the University of Denver, and has been a vocal advocate for mental health. Katharine, Craig’s daughter, is completing her master’s degree in Social Work while interning at a psychiatric hospital. Katharine also contributed to the Hopeful Minds curriculums.


In Episode 19 of the Hope Matrix, Kathryn and the Lee-Kramer family talk about both their personal and professional experiences with mental health. They speak about how their personal and professional journeys have impacted their ability to become advocates for, be open about, and recognize their own mental health. As the Lee-Kramer family shows in this week’s episode, family connections can be strengthened by recognizing flaws, opening up to each other, and maintaining nonjudgmental relationships. The Lee-Kramer family provides valuable insights into implementing hope skills at the family level, and perfectly show how our relationships and Nourishing Networks can impact our mental health and hope.


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