The Hope Matrix


This week’s special guest on the Hope Matrix is Jamie Kelly, Strategic Advisor and Vice President Omnichannel for Isomr Group. Jamie is a mom of two brilliant, dyslexic children (Landon and Camryn), and a founder of Support Dyslexia. In addition to her successful career in retail merchandising, product content development, and digital shelf management, she has dedicated her life to raising awareness about dyslexia, and helping parents, educators, and children connect with dyslexia resources.


In this week’s episode, Jamie and Kathryn discuss the challenges that children with dyslexia face, and how these hardships can lead to helplessness and despair. Jamie provides valuable insight into the creative outlets that students with dyslexia can use to remain hopeful, and the skills that children and parents can focus on to help them achieve their dreams.  


For more information on resources for children with dyslexia, visit, and