The Hope Matrix


Join us in this episode of The Hope Matrix Podcast as we delve into the inspiring journey of Erwin Valencia, founder of Gratitude Gang, and Former Physical Therapist and Assistant Athletic Trainer of New York Knicks. From his humble beginnings to becoming a leader in mental health advocacy, Erwin shares his story of hope and the power of gratitude. 

As the founder of Gratitude Gang, a mental health foundation focused on supporting children in the Philippines, Erwin discusses the importance of fostering hope and resilience, especially in underserved communities. 

Through heartfelt conversations and personal anecdotes, Erwin and host Kathryn Goetzke explore the transformative impact of gratitude and the role it plays in creating a brighter future for all. 

The Podcast host, Kathryn, emphasizes, “Gratitude is an intention. We’ve got to learn how to be grateful. We’ve gotta learn how to incorporate these strategies into our lives and into the lives of others, because we do have so much to be grateful for.”

Tune in to discover how Erwin’s message of hope is changing lives and inspiring others to embrace gratitude as a powerful tool for personal and societal change.

Erwin Benedict Valencia served as the Team Physical Therapist and Assistant Athletic Trainer of the New York Knicks. He also acts as the team’s Wellness Lead, initiating the team’s mindfulness program, including the first-ever daily in-season breathwork program in the NBA, a passion he’s been personally practicing for more than 30 years. He brings a truly “whole-listic” approach to athlete wellness and performance, combining his knowledge in sports science and rehabilitation, manual and movement therapies, mindfulness, positive psychology, biohacking, and well-being coaching.

He begins every day in GRATITUDE and has found it his duty and responsibility to truly live life zestfully– with the purpose of inspiring young Filipinos (and non-Filipinos) to pursue their dreams, be in service of others, and bring global impact, in whatever field they’re passionate about.

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