The Hope Matrix


In this episode, podcast host Kathryn Goetzke engages in a profound conversation with Kristi Kandel, the CEO and Founder of I&D Consulting. They discuss the impacts of natural disasters on individuals and communities, focusing on resilience, hope, and the importance of community support. Kristi shares personal experiences of navigating through hurricanes and wildfires, highlighting the emotional turmoil and uncertainty faced during these events. The duo explores challenges and potential solutions for rebuilding, including the use of modular construction and proactive measures for insurance coverage.


Kristi emphasizes the power of small steps, goal setting, and sharing personal experiences to overcome adversity. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, seeking inspiration for personal growth, or looking for community leadership insights, this episode is packed with valuable lessons and motivation. Don’t miss out on this powerful conversation!



Find out more about Kristi Kandel and her work:

Kristi Kandel is the CEO and Founder of I&D Consulting, redefining real estate development by mentoring emerging developers on projects that not only promise financial returns but also add valuable assets to communities. With over 17 years of experience in real estate development and investing, Kristi manages over $100 million in development projects annually and owns a diverse real estate portfolio.

Her community in Fort Myers Beach, FL, was devastated by Hurricane Ian in 2022. Kristi’s team played a crucial role in disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts, providing free resources and guidance to resilient community members. She is developing a disaster recovery framework to assist other communities affected by natural disasters, launching a proof of concept in FMB in 2025.


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