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In this episode of The Hope Matrix Podcast, Host Kathryn Goetzke had an inspiring conversation with Marissa Hamamoto, the Founder, CEO, and Artistic Director of Infinite Flow, an inclusive dance company. Marissa shares her journey of overcoming challenges, including a spinal cord infarction that changed her life and career. 


Marissa emphasizes the power of movement, particularly dance, in promoting emotional positivity and well-being, and the importance of inclusive language in dance education.

This episode of The Hope Matrix Podcast is a testament to the power of hope and the transformative impact of dance in fostering inclusivity and positive change. Tune in for an enriching conversation that will inspire you to embrace diversity and celebrate the joy of movement. 



More about Marissa Hamamoto:


Named 1 of 13 People Magazine “Women Changing the World 2021”, Marisa Hamamoto is a stroke survivor living with PTSD, an invisible disability, speaker, dancer, and a proud 4th Generation Japanese American. After feeling like the “other” throughout her life through anti-Asian discrimination, body shaming, rejection as a dancer, sexual assault by a dance teacher, and stroke, Marisa developed deep empathy towards those who are excluded. This eventually led her to find Infinite Flow in 2015. Since 2015, Marisa has led Infinite Flow’s dancers to perform at over 140 events, from school assemblies to corporate events with Apple, Facebook, Red Bull, Porsche, Farmer’s Insurance, International Monetary Fund, Kaiser Permanente, among others.  Her videos have been viewed by over 75 Million people on Facebook alone with Sheryl Sandberg and George Takei being amongst the public figures that have shared her work, and she has been featured on NBC Today, ABC Good Morning America, among other media outlets. Marisa and wheelchair dancer Piotr Iwanicki made history becoming the first dancers to perform at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater with CEO Tim Cook in the audience.  She was also a fellow within the Red Bull Amaphiko and Facebook Community Leadership Program and was named 1 of 13 People Magazine Women Changing the World 2021, InStyle Magazine Badass 50 2021, and 1 of 9 women leaders “reimagining sport” for adidas International Women’s Day Campaign 2020.  Most recently during the 2020 pandemic, Marisa was featured on Marie TV / Marie Forleo Podcast, and along with Infinite Flow, launched Scoops of Inclusion, a 47 min short film celebrating diversity and empowering kids to take an active role in creating a more inclusive world where we each feel we belong. Marisa is a leader, artist, and speaker on the rise looking to empower people through dance and storytelling, to think outside the box, disable bias, build new connections, and create breakthrough innovations.



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