The Hope Matrix


Join us for an inspiring episode of The Hope Matrix Podcast featuring MaCherie Dunbar, Air Force Veteran, Advocate, and Entrepreneur.

In this episode, MaCherie reflects on her experiences transitioning from military service, navigating post-deployment challenges, and advocating for vital support services for veterans. She sheds light on the profound challenges faced by veterans entering civilian life, particularly concerning mental health, and emphasizes the importance of accessing available resources and destigmatizing seeking help.

This conversation offers valuable insights into resilience, the impact of community support, and navigating major life transitions. Tune in to gain inspiration and practical wisdom for eliminating challenges with compassion and hope.

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MaCherie is an entrepreneur, public speaker, advocate, lobbyist, and artist whose purpose is to lead with compassion and integrity with the hopes of inspiring others to be courageous agents of change. She is a veteran of the Air Force Reserve, having served for 12 years to include two deployments as an operator with RED HORSE, the Air Force’s combat engineering squadron. MaCherie served the majority of her career during Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, a discriminatory policy that banned LGBT+ personnel from serving openly in the armed forces. In the almost 10 years since transitioning from the military, she has been a staunch and aggressive advocate and ally for all underserved communities, especially veterans and members of the LGTBQIA+ community. Her work has included serving as a board member for an LGBT center in Pennsylvania, executive director for political organizations, a lobbyist for the largest veteran organization in the country, and a subject matter expert for a Member of the US House of Representatives.